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Pale Horses (Ambient)
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“Reaction” could be basically defined as a psychological horror and suspense thriller with drama, a mix of genres interrelated in a disturbing and surprising story replete with plot twists. An independent, amateur, auteur film that, with an experimental point and a significant imagination, delves into the characters’ minds, in our minds, asking what would happen if, asking ourselves if we know each other, if we know ourselves, if we think so… <<They say no one ever gets to know you completely. That only you know yourself well. But is this true? Do you really know yourself? Do you really know who you are, what you are like? What if something unexpected happened? Something that took you by surprise? Something you never thought could happen to you? Would you be prepared to face it? Do you really think you have any idea of how you would react in any situation? Of which of the countless and unknown ways of reacting the brain has would be the chosen one?>> (more in [Tracks used: Pale Horses (Ambient), Blue Paper, The Lonely Night, Violins, Papa, Impossible, Wait For Me (Ambient)]