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“This shadow is darkly cast on the retina of my soul and whenever I am dislodged from comfort my focus falls there” - Russell Brand. This film focuses on the topic of drug use, and the roles that drugs play in the lives of several characters. Seth has a strained relationship with brother Scott, an ex heroin addict. Charlie doesn’t “party” as much as her friends. However, she is currently using tricyclic antidepressants, and she keeps this fact from her friends. Bret is close with Seth, and she is the only real friend of Charlie’s at the beginning of the film. Darius and Luke are essentially the same character, and they are tangentially related to the story. Their distance and the relevant nature of their dialog make them sort of like a modern day Greek chorus. This film provokes the ideas of illicit vs prescribed drugs, antidepressant therapy vs psychotherapy, the place of drugs in society, and drugs as the cause of a problem vs drugs as simply a part of the equation.