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In a post-apocalyptic future, many believe that knowledge is power, and power is strength. A mysterious figure discovers the secret behind controlling a man’s soul. With that knowledge, he seeks peace and order -- but at what cost? People struggle for survival a midst the chaos that erupts, and only one man can stop it, or woman? Visit us online EXCEUTIVE PRODUCER A.D. Hopson MAWU PHOTOGRAPHY MEDIA ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Ash Knutson SHADE Jeffery “Da’Shade” Johnson THE BARRON Brian Fisher BOKOR/ MADAM SWEETS Ro’ Black DR. JULIA ROSS Ash Knutson THE BEAST Ben Perez ZOMBIE CHILD Kylan Zentner FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHY Cry Havoc Action Choreography Jeffery “Da’Shade” Johnson John Satberry Brian Fisher Da'Mon Stith Special Thanks to : Our community and families,Chicken Ranch Records, Michael Dickinson,Jefes Mexican Restaurant, Craig and Valerie Carpenter, BLACKFISHMETALWORKS, Little Herds,Tim Bryan, Steven Stubblefield, Marylou Castillo (LUPE Arte), City Of Austin, Ananda Moss (upRise productions), Hector Uribe, Cultural Arts Division City of Austin, Texas Commission on the Arts.