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Shot In The Back Of The Head
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Animals & Nature
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The next installment to the Be Blue short film series. I was lucky enough one day to be out on the water when we came across a pod of Hawaiian Insular False Killer Whales. Estimates put this population of false killers at 120-150 left in the wild. It is very easy to see that the false killer whale, despite its name, is a gentile and intelligent creature. When you make eye contact with one of these animals there's a connection. It's not just looking at you, it's thinking... it's trying to figure out what you are. It's creating ideas and going through emotions just like we are. Most people believe humans are the smartest animals on this planet, after spending time with these marine mammals and similar species that preconceived notion of our intelligence is being put to the test... I put two things that should not be there in this film... see if you can find them. Continue to go green... ...but always remember to BE BLUE