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Independent Short-film: "Conclusions" 2014 (France) - 9´37" Spanish subtitles version: During a coffee talk, Arthur recounts the unexpected situations that he experienced after his father’s passing. Through memories and anecdotes, the 30 years old young man turns into a catharsis that will drive him to reflect on the customs, ties and enigmas, which are raised before the inevitable question of death. Directed and Produced by Alejandro Fridman Based on the comic "Conclusiones" by : Juan Sáenz Valiente Cast: Arthur Viadieu - Hervé Colombel OFFICIAL SELECTION: - Festival Internacional Cinemafest 2014 (S.L.P. México) - Festival Internacional CORTISONICI 2015 (Varese, Italia) - Festival Internacional Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival 2015 (Istanbul, Turquia) - Festival Internacional Festival Chileno Internacional del Cortometraje 2015 (Santiago, Chile) - Festival de Cortometrajes - Semana de Soria 2015 (Buenos Aires, Argentina) - Muestra de Cortometrajes 2015 (Buenos Aires / París)