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Mistake (Davide Rossi Re-Work - Instrumental)
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Art & Experimental
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A video poem by Jeff Cruz and Poet Kirk Ramdath. Synopsis: Is there just existence, and then nothing? Life is a futile endeavour. First the life goes and then the memories of the life go. To people, to species, to nations. We must acknowledge the futility of life while deciding to choosing love. Is it possible? When facing the apocalyptic chasm of extinction we respond by creating beauty. This, in spite of the impermanence of life and the permanence of death. The ancient quality of the landscape and the fleeting nature of existence is juxtaposed by a technological angle. The progress of science. An "instantaneous death in a series of equations". Babel Death Star is a short film edited and directed by Jeff Cruz of the poem by Kirk Ramdath. The film stars Kirk Ramdath who wrote and co-produced the short film. Babel Death Star appears in Kirk Ramdath's book, Love in a Handful of Dust, published by Frontenac House. Filmed on location at historic Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump and other locations in southern Alberta. Mistake (Davide Rossi Re-Work - Instrumental) by Moby courtesy of