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Captured earlier this year at the pre-transformed yet artistic-in-feel Hanmi Gallery in London, this film displays the varying artistic talents of Yumi Chung. The exhibition, entitled "Attention: 1" was curated by Yovi J. Song in collaboration with Alpha Art Association and could be said to have played a pivotal role in Yumi's later exhibition achievements in 2014, including the 5th Annual Exhibition of "4482 (Sasapari)". The music was specially selected for this piece, not only to give it that perfect feel but also the tune's title - "Blue Paper" - is perfectly apt for Yumi Chung's "Attention: 1" exhibition. "Blue Paper" is by esteemed, acclaimed and multi award-winning musician Moby. Further exhibition information at foot of this description. CREDITS: Film & Editing: Jason Verney Photos: Jason Verney Music: Moby THANKS: Yumi Chung Heashin Kwak Yovi J. Song All at Hanmi Gallery Members of Alpha Art Association LINKS: NNP (Jason Verney): (Damon Albarn 'interactive' Music Video) @NativeNomadPics EXHIBITION INFO: "Working with painting and mixed media, Yumi Chung presents her new works which is an exploration of social environment through the language of space, by using installations and paintings with everyday materials. The exhibition explores the way of classification between personal and public space as well as cultural differences in Seoul and London, in particular, artist’s personal experiences of cultural differences dividing, London and Seoul, areas to which she belongs. Her interest in creating emotional territories comes from the use of blind installations. Yumi Chung displays her new piece, Untitled (2013). The installations at “Attention: 1” consist of the semitransparent vertical blinds remind of functional aspect of the curtain or blind to make a boundary between the outside and inner-side. The semitransparent vertical blinds are juxtaposed with fabrics, plastic bags and cleaning papers. The colours and the material properties of the works indicate the functional aspect of the curtain or blind. The basic idea of “Attention: 1” is the transparency of the materials, which is linked to the concept of defensiveness coming from the need of privacy. In our daily life, in fact, we are subject to a lot of noise and intrusions, due to media, internet, etc. The works of Yumi Chung transform various kinds of everyday transparent materials to catch and hold the idea of the intangibility of the privacy perception." - An excerpt from the Press section of the Hanmi Gallery website.