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Lie Down In Darkness (Photek Remix)
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A trip down memory lane. Literally. The basic concept for this video originated when Moby offered his new single "Almost Home" for a Genero submission. It took me some time to come up with an idea, grab a friend, shoot some stills and videos, then get to work on a huge post-production plan. I loathed the result and I'm totally to blame, since the shooting was ill-devised, poorly scheduled, poorly set-up and, in short, poorly shot. So the Genero submission went and that video has been soon forgotten. But I kinda liked the idea of this long - endless - open-air corridor, with some sort of dreamlike girl in it, maybe a memory, maybe a fake one... so I put together all the clips and summoned all of my psychic stamina (not much) to make something out of some powerful Moby song. This is the result - imho it still lacks the aforementioned poor shooting, but I don't despise the overall result. And making it all through the end was really helpfull through the thick and thin.