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The experimental film „11511-BodyCount"opens up to the current revolution in Egypt and points out boundaries between private politicization and socialization. The movie provides insight into Egyptian power relations and risks taking up the delicate subject of the female body. This movie discusses the tremendous change running through the Egypt society at this moment: It approaches the power and fragility of an admirably population and wants to brace it at the same time. "11511-BodyCount" is supposed to motivate and call up people to keep on fighting for their freedom. The directors Ineke Reinders and Jane Katharine di Renzo narrate this delicate subject with a lot of empathy and pink of elegance and are able to give an insight of this reckless hierarchy within the society. Viewers are supposed to capture this critical situation Egypt is living in at this point of time. Ideologies are being raised to question and convert into freedom and bravery at the same time.