mobygratis FAQ

The mobygratis License Process

How long will my request take to process?

Your request should be processed within 24 hours, you will receive an email from with the details. Please check your junk mail and spam filters if you do not. The main reason for this small delay in approval is down to the various copyright holders consent.

How do I change the details of my request?

Please submit a new request with the updated details.

Where do I download the music once it has been approved for use?

You will receive an email from with the download links and subject '[mobygratis] Your License Request'. Once your request(s) are approved the downloads will also be available in the 'My Requests / Downloads' section in My Account.

My download has not worked or I have lost the file, how do I try again?

On occasion this may happen, please do not give up, but you are invited to try again until it works successfully.


Using Your mobygratis Account

How do I delete my account?

If you would like to cancel your mobygratis account, please log in, go to My Account, click Edit then the Cancel account button 

What are the Terms & Conditions?

You can download a PDF of the Terms & Conditions here or view it online here. All requests are approved according to these Terms & Conditions.

How should I credit the music from mobygratis?

Please use the following credit: Music: [Track Name] by Moby courtesy of


Usage of mobygratis Music

Can I upload my film (with the mobygratis music synchronised) to YouTube?

It depends: If the song used is labelled Unreleased (under the Album column) in the Catalog, then YES you can.

However if the song is not Unreleased then we’re afraid you may be subject to YouTube's copyright restrictions. If in doubt, please select an Unreleased track instead, thanks.

Once uploaded your video may be subject to a Copyright claim from [PIAS], INGrooves, BMG or other rights holders who may monetize your usage of the music, even if it from the Unreleased section. Please DO NOT dispute the claims on YouTube as this may result in these rights holders issuing a takedown which will remove your film from YouTube.

Can I use mobygratis music in a training video?

Yes, but no profit should be made from these. Training videos should be for charity purposes only.

Can I used mobygratis music in my portfolio, showreel or on my personal website?

Unless you are a registered not-for-profit organisation then we’re afraid this cannot be permitted.

Can I used mobygratis music in my Mobile App

 If you are planning on distributing your Application on one of the commercial app stores run by Google, Apple etc you cannot use music from the mobygratis catalog

Can I shorten a song for use in my film? 

Yes, you may shorted the track if needed

Can I use a track in a video used to crowdsource completion funding for a non-commercial doc?

In principle this is fine, would appreciate a donation to the Humane Society if you achieve your funding, good luck!

Can I put my film up on Vimeo On-Demand for a price?

You can upload your film to Vimeo but you cannot use any additional services that charge for access i'm afraid, this makes it for-profit

Can I put my film up on Vimeo and use the Tip Jar service?

You can upload your film to Vimeo but you cannot use any commercial services such as the Tip Jar, this makes it for-profit

Is it possible to use more than one track for the same video?

There are no restrictions on the films that can use the mobygratis catalog, only that the film must be not-for-profit

Am I able to re-record the music?

No i'm afraid the music needs to be used as it is